Units unknow


Blois (clic on the picture to enlarge).

Picture 1 : This infanterie man of a unit unknow strike a pose near a machinegun MG34 - MaschinenGewehr 34 - on his heavy carriage - Lafette 34 - (two MG Ammo cans - Patronenkasten 34 - and the MG Gunners Pouch - Maschinengewehr Werkzeug Tasche 34 - who contain oil can, anti-aircraft ring sight and some wrench are hanging on it).

Picture taked in Blois-Vienne, Villebois Mareuil quay (see the map).

On the back, we can see the bridge arch destroyed by the french army to delay the german advance. A footbridge will provide the junction between the two banks of the Loire during the occupation. The germans will detroy the bridge new in the central part, in 1944, during their retreat.