Pre-series 1936 / series 1937

Schwelmer Eisenwerk Müller u. Co.


It was interesting to meet this pre-series of 1936 (Jérémie Hersant collection) and this series of 1937 (Stéphane Arquille collection) manufactured by Schwelmer Eisenwerk Müller u. Co. to analyze the developments related to the life-size tests carried out by the Condor Legion during the Spanish civil war.

1.- side view, on the model of series (left) :

---------- the cross of the expantion rib is elongated,

---------- the external corners are more rounded,

---------- the front end of the handle is reinforced by the contribution of a return of angle.

2.- front view, on the model of series (left) :

---------- the passage of clamp of the Tag is added,

---------- the cap is completely reviewed, his cam closing system is secure, it's more elongated and flared, his flow is decreased and a back-flow pipe is adopted.

3.- rear view, on the model of series (right) :

---------- a hole is added on the center of the handle bar.

Two Kanister of pre-series of 1936 come to be discovered in Spain near Barcelona. Identical to the model presented here, they are distinguished only by their logo, Ambi-Budd Presswerk G.m.b.H., the other manufacturer at the origin of this revolutionary container.